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Biotique’s 8 products 8 steps 1 month challenge! My skin care routine! Bridal Skin care routine


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This is my skin care routine for summers in night time. Brides can follow this routine. Teenagers can follow this routine. Everyone can follow this routine. Accept the challenge! This will make ur skin flawless! radiance!brighten!lighten!tighten! U will look beautiful more than before. This is one month challenge! Just follow my 8 steps! U can purchase it from = http://www.nykaa.com. (1)biotique bio white advanced fairness face wash 240rs. (2)biotique bio papaya revitalizing tan removal scrub review 199rs. (3)biotique bio fruit whitening depigmentation and tan removal face pack 199rs. (4)biotique bio cucumber pore tightening toner 175rs. (5)biotique bio dandelion visibly ageless serum230rs. (6)biotique morning nector visibly flawless skin moisturiser 199rs. (7)biotique bio seaweed revitalizing antifatigue eye gel 199rs. (8)biotique bio fruit whitening lip balm 175rs.

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